Stadsbiblioteket Stockholm – some stamp from 1987

May 5, 2006

There is a new postage stamp in my bibliophilatelic collection I want to introduce. It is a so called “Europa”-Stamp. This issue-series goes back to the 1950s and fosters the idea of having a philatelic counterpart regarding to the evolving european identity. The newest issue picking up the topic “integration” (i.e. the German issue)  was put out just yesterday.The chosen subject in 1987 was “Modern Architecture” and while the German postal administration put some pavilion by Mies van der Rohe and the Köhlbrand-Bridge in Hamburg on stamp, the swedish post office picked unerringly the famous “library cylinder” by Gunnar Asplund in Stockholm in 1928 to represent the country’s recent architectual development. There are two versions of the stamp: the shown green/orangebrown one having a face value of 3.10 SEK (Mi.No. 1429, Scott No. 1629 and one in black and green face valued 2.10 SEK Mi.No. 1428, Scott No. 1628).

Asplund Library Stockholm on stamp

The engraving was made by Zlatko Jakus after outines made by Hans Kündig and Bengt Sernander. Issue day was the 14th of may.

The additional stamp shows the Markuskyrkan built by Sigurd Lewerentz in the latter 1950s. (Mi.Nr. 1430, Scott Nr. 1630).


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