Library Treasures, on FDC

February 3, 2007

I know, I nurtured this blog a little sloppily the past months. This is because (of course) there is plenty of things to do and I rarely find some minutes to spend with my philatelic collection. But yesterday I received a small gift from one of our lecturers at the Institute of Library and Information Science in Berlin and so I carry on to share it here digitally:

– click on the image to enlarge –

The shown FDC is something I would call a bibliophilatelic classic. It was issued 1990 still as an GDR issue in a four stamp set showing “Treasures of Libraries in the GDR”. I’m a little hurry right now so I’ll add some additional information later.


One Response to “Library Treasures, on FDC”

  1. Ben Says:

    Some addition:
    The stamps shown on the cover are Michel Nr. 3340 and 3343. Issue date was June 19th 1990 and the stamps were valid until October 2nd 1990 (The reunification took place october 3rd). It was last issue in the GDR-currency “Mark der DDR” as the currency reform was carried out on the 1st of July.

    Michel Nr. 3340 shows the Ordensregeln (Rules of an order) of the knights of St. Marien of the German House in Jerusalem dating back to 1264.

    Michel Nr. 3343 shows a binding from the music library of Princess Anna Amalia of Prussia from 18th century.

    All pieces appreciated in this issue are part of the collection of the State Library in Berlin.

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