Mikael Agricola, honoured by Finnish Post

February 21, 2007

There is a new book-related postage stamp to be issued by the Finnish Post on March 3rd 2007. It is minisheet with two stamps honouring Finlands the reformer and father of written Finnish, Mikael Agricola, who died 450 years ago.
Minisheet Agricola-Year

The first stamp shows the first book printed ever in Finland: Agricola’s Abckiria (Ye ABC booke) published 1543. The second displays a figure drawn by Lucas Cranach which pictures Mikael Agricola preaching. It is taken from an issue of Agricola’s translation of the New Testament. The circulation of the minisheet will be 300 000. The stamps are designed by the finnish designer Timo Berry, who became i.e. famous for his “Freedom of Expression”/Amnesty International-poster. The minisheet is printed by Joh. Enschedé Stamps on Sopal Satimat paper.


3 Responses to “Mikael Agricola, honoured by Finnish Post”

  1. […] Die Finnische Post überrascht uns im März mit einem sehr schmucken kleinen Block zum 450sten Todestag von Mikael Agricola, Reformator und Begründer der finnischen Schriftsprache. Mehr dazu gibt es in meinem kleinen Bibliophilatelie-Blog. […]

  2. Hi, I’m a school librarian in Chile.I have a collection on Bibliophilately (stamps on libaries)

    You can see:


    I also hope see other philatelic on my topic

  3. Jaime Says:

    Thanks for finally talking about >Mikael Agricola, honoured by Finnish Post | Bibliophilately <Loved it!

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