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Nacionalna i sveučilišna knjižnica u Zagrebu, on stamp

January 27, 2008

While being in Croatia I came across another piece of bibliophilately which was issued last year and honors the 400th anniversary of the National and University Library in Zagreb.

I blogged a short text about it right here.


Some Brunei Stamp – not really bibliophilatelic

January 3, 2008

Right. I haven’t posted anything for quite a long time but promise to increase the frequency a little during the next weeks. This time a just want to state that my bibliophilatelic passion and the blog are still alive and therefore as a sign of life I post a link leadingt to a weblog called The Daily Brunei Resources – helping to foster a better informed Brunei society which introduces Brunei’s most expensive stamps.
Of course there is not much bibliophilatelic in the shown – and in this case overprinted – scene on the Brunei river issued in 1906 resp. refering to the shown example with the red Japanese overprint from the 1940s. But it is interesting to see someone getting back to stamp issues following the aim of fostering a better informed society.
I very think of the real value in stamps regarding being some document of a society’s resp. nation’s history outnumbers the sometimes pursued possibly cash-value of any stamp or stamp collection several times. And to see it that way makes collecting and enjoying this little cultural invention, at least for myself, even more exciting and – at the same time – much more relaxing. (By the way: As far as I see there are no bibliophilatelic issues getting close to some namable cash-value, fortunately…)