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Library Treasures, on FDC

February 3, 2007

I know, I nurtured this blog a little sloppily the past months. This is because (of course) there is plenty of things to do and I rarely find some minutes to spend with my philatelic collection. But yesterday I received a small gift from one of our lecturers at the Institute of Library and Information Science in Berlin and so I carry on to share it here digitally:

– click on the image to enlarge –

The shown FDC is something I would call a bibliophilatelic classic. It was issued 1990 still as an GDR issue in a four stamp set showing “Treasures of Libraries in the GDR”. I’m a little hurry right now so I’ll add some additional information later.


Cover, from Romania

August 15, 2006

It’s been quite a while since I posted an item at this blog so I will counter this little “blameworthiness” and do some rather “compromise posting” today. This is┬ábecause I have almost no information about the shown envelope except the information to be gained from the given and printed data on the piece itself:

Envelope from romania

One can easily deduce that the cover is from Romania and it relates somehow to an occasion called “Speranta are o culoare” which took place october 1st 2005. It is somehow related to the “Biblioteca Centrala Universitara” in┬áthe country’s capitol Bucuresti (Bucharest). That’s about it so far but I will try to collect some more information soon. Clicking the image brings your to a larger picture.