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Bibliophilately at Bibliophemera

February 24, 2009

While my bibliophilatelic collection largely remains untouched wrapped in the protective leather coating of its album and therefore I obviously neglect my self-imposed duty on posting stuff in a frequency appropriate enough to call a weblog vital, there is a nice piece on bibliophilately to be found in the wonderful weblog of Bibliophemera titled Bibliophilately lately and I advise anyone dropping in to go over there and read along this particular post as well as the rest of the weblog. It’s worth it.

Unfortunately I’m on the road and don’t carry any fresh bibliophilatelic material with me so I have to refer to some envelope I found in some book(!) and it is however more or less closely related at least to a university and taking this detour to a world famous writer. The postage was metered by the Faculty of Medicine of the Karl-Marx-Universität in Leipzig on october 3rd 1984, exactly six years before the 3rd of october became the national day because of the reunification. In the Orwell-year 1984 it still was a regular workday in Germany and therefore the letter is a rather ordinary one. The university dropped the patron Karl Marx in 1991 and operates since then using Alma mater lipsiensis.



Library Treasures, on FDC

February 3, 2007

I know, I nurtured this blog a little sloppily the past months. This is because (of course) there is plenty of things to do and I rarely find some minutes to spend with my philatelic collection. But yesterday I received a small gift from one of our lecturers at the Institute of Library and Information Science in Berlin and so I carry on to share it here digitally:

– click on the image to enlarge –

The shown FDC is something I would call a bibliophilatelic classic. It was issued 1990 still as an GDR issue in a four stamp set showing “Treasures of Libraries in the GDR”. I’m a little hurry right now so I’ll add some additional information later.

Paulchen of the childrens library, on stamp

November 3, 2006

Today I want to add a very special bibliophilatelic issue coming from the GDR, which might be one of to most overlooked in bibliophilatelic history, to my virtual collection.

Paulchen aus der Kinderbibliothek

The stamp was issued november 28th 1972 being part of a set of six (Michel No. 1807-1812) dedicated to famous fictional characters of the east german childrens television. Some of them are quite famous till now – at least “Herr Fuchs und Frau Elster” (Mr. Fox and Mrs. Magpie) – others are almost forgotten (like “Schnuffel und Pieps“). One character that was completely unknow to me, is the one shown: “Paulchen aus der Kinderbibliothek” (Paulchen of the childrens library, Michel-No. 1812 ). Nevertheless it is very nice one. The very copy I have is one I just found in some album from my own childhood days which may be an explanation for its “used look”…