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Stamps as an information source, in Turkey

July 3, 2007

While doing some online search this article crossed my way and shall be kept here for the record: Stamps as an information source in the National Library of Turkey by Hakan AnameriƧ. (published in: Library Collections, Acquisitions, and Technical Services Volume 30, Issues 1-2, March-June 2006, Pages 117-127)


Stamps, like any other non-book material such as banknotes, coins, posters, and maps, serve as recording media and source for information that illustrates the social, commercial, political, cultural, historical, and artistic aspects of a society in their own unique style. Using short and abstract text, color graphics and symbols on a limited surface area to communicate its contents is the key attribute that differentiates stamp from other non-book material. For this unique attribute, the stamp can be deemed both as a communication tool and a work of art. Conversely, stamp and other philatelic material in Turkey are largely regarded as collection materials rather than being a source for information. This study aims at performing a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the stamp collection at the National Library of Turkey as well as providing information on cataloging and maintaining of stamps and offering them to the attention of the public to stress the importance of stamps as a source for
information rather than just a collection material.


Treasures of the philatelic collection of the BL, homaged on stamps

April 2, 2006

I'm sure not anyone knows about the philatelic collection of the British Library but obviously the Saint Helena Post Office does, which shall not come to suprising as the island is official overseas territory of the United Kingdom. However me being a bibliophilatelist really appreciate the Post Office's decision to issue this january a set of six stamps and the appendant FDCs etc. to homage some rarities kept in this special collection. It is – to say so – a "double strike" to us connaisseurs because it brings together the beauty of the philatelic passion with the wonder of library…
But as the island is not really in the middle of everything of course it is rather unlikely one will find one of those stamps in daily mail traffic (at least here in Germany).